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wired & wireless networks

What’s more ubiquitous than WiFi? We’ve installed it at thousands of commercial and residential locations. Every building has its unique challenges, but after nearly two decades of installations, we know how to make yours perform the way you need it to. We’re equally skilled at building and managing your wired network, so that all your PCs, printers, servers, TVs, mobile devices, camera systems, routers and switches stay fully operational.


Since 1997, we’ve built sites for small business, artists, merchants, photographers, inventors and many more. We can build you one like ours that you’re visiting now, or this one, or this one. Our pricing is competitive and the turnaround time, depending on your readiness, can be as little as a few days.

video surveillance

Dozens of Portland area homes & businesses rely on us for their video surveillance solutions. That list includes The Bay Club in Tigard (120 cameras), Planet Fitness NW (70 cams), Sky High Sports (24 cams), No Bonz About It (3 online feeds), Rich’s Cigar Store (12 cams), Big Sky Landscaping (12 cams), and many more. Every one a custom solution with remote viewing, free tech support & training included.

telephone systems

If you’re still using traditional land lines for your telephony needs, we enthusiastically encourage you to switch to an IP-based system. Because just like every other techno gadget in your home or office, the telephone has evolved into an Internet-connected appliance. Why should you change? The reasons are many. The cost can be as little as half of what you’re paying now. The features are amazing. The usability is intuitive and the expansion options are nearly limitless. Call us for a free on-site demo.

digital signage

Large format, high-definition TV screens are everywhere and have become amazingly affordable. We’ve installed hundreds of them in conference rooms, living rooms, home theaters and retail locations. We can attach a small PC to it and turn it into a meeting room presentation center. Add a web cam and it becomes a video conferencing unit. Connect it to your network and it can become a menu, an information kiosk, a billboard, or any type of digital signage you need.

audio / video & home theater

Are you addicted to Sonos or Heos? We’ve installed hundreds of those. Need speakers throughout your Fitness Club, Coffee Shop, Retail Store, Home, or Office? We can do that. Need a paging system? No problem. How about a universal remote that can control all of them? Our technicians have a thorough understanding of all these systems and can custom design, build, install and program a system you’ll love.